What value does your logistics provider give to your company?

Logistics can often be very… entangled… and the often used phrase “Lean, cost effective and streamlined services” sometimes looks better on paper. What value does your logistics provider give to your company.

How do you really measure the value logistics companies offer and does it matter?

As in many other markets, the global acquisition of successful small and medium logistics providers by large multinational companies are growing. This is a problem both for local communities and nations in regards to jobs and taxes (as they tend to go somewhere else), but also for their customers. What value does your logistics provider give to your company.
The incentive for freight customers to use larger companies are based on an expectation that they can give you a better price than smaller businesses, and you expect them to care for your goods.
This is who we are as people; we buy a different toothpaste because the guy from the TV commercial wore a white lab coat.
I`m not saying you should make an analysts for every single purchase, but for logistics you should do one based on consequence.
What happens when your cargo is not delivered, and no one at the “customer satisfaction center” in India can help you?
Local knowledge, specialization and customer care is key for local logistics providers, mostly because income is used to pay salaries, not dividends.
The measure of value is partly price, and in a ever more digitally connected world specialized small and medium businesses are far better at targeting the right partnerships, and has a better reason to build long lasting relations world wide with people and businesses that reflect their own philosophy. This in turn has the potential to unlock better prices at better terms.
Another measure of value is how well you solve problems together, are your grievances handled, or are you locked into a system that does not change?
The large multinationals live and breathe terms like “lean” and “streamlining”. They do that beacause they have to. They cannot afford doing changes that does not matter enough or are not aligned with the greater goal(read: world monopoly). The stakes are not high enough for a single customer to matter.

Local logistics providers are diferent

Local logistics providers turn the tables around, they need to be different, your issue is a key component in keeping you as a customer. They cannot afford not to solve your issue.
Tellus Logistics is an independent company, we ship goods world wide for a variety of clients, we specialize in goods to the west coast of Norway and would like to solve your issue.