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Short sea shipping

Short sea shipping

Short sea shipping, or shortsea, is the freight of containers or project cargo over a short distance by ship.

This is a very good competitor to full truck loads when the cargo is located a short distance from a port.

Among our venders, we have several major and minor shipping lines with weekly sailings to Norway. This provides us with the opportunity to find sailings that fit the expectations of individual customers regarding delivery time and price.

Shortsea is an inexpensive alternative to truck cargo from most areas in Western Europe to Norway, without any of the associated major social and environmentally hostile challenges.

Tellus Logistics may arrange the whole transport process from collection at the vendor to delivery at the recipient, door-to-door.

On average, shortsea is 28% cheaper than truck transport from Central Europe to Norway, and compared to trucks, it produces 64% less emissions.

The capacity is almost unlimited.



I snitt er nærskipsfart 28%

rimelige enn lastebilfrakt fra sentraleuropa til Norge


Det har 64% mindre utslipp

sammenlignet med lastebiler

Har tilnærmet ubegrenset kapasitet.

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