Multimodal transport

In a world of ever-growing traffic congestion the dependability of road transport is compromised. Coupled with ever-stricter regulation, the constant focus on traffic pollution, underpaid drivers and the risk of accidents on challenging winter roads, we must look to a combination of transport modes to see the future. Multimodal is the most e client combination of diverse transport methods, o ering optimal lead times, environmentally sustainable solutions, and reduced carbon footprint. We can o er these solutions globally as well as nationally and for all types of cargo.

General cargo and parcelling

Based here in Norway’s West Country we consider it our social responsibility to move as much cargo as possible away from the hazards of road travel, and onto ship and rail. We have the best transit times in the market from the Far East, with weekly departures from all ports, and are increasing our local focus by making Stavanger the rst port of call and central hub for all general cargo and part cargo shipments to Norway.

Shortsea shipping

Regular weekly sailings between Europe and Norway for complete cargos, container charters and project goods, for nation-wide delivery. Safe and reliable management of project logistics and oversize loads. Tellus can organise the entire transport from Europe to anywhere along the Norwegian coast. For instance, we have weekly sailings to most oil service bases.


Cheaper on average compared to road haulage Central Europe – Norway


Reduced emissions compared to road


Cheaper on average compared to road Central Europe – Tananger

Almost unlimited capacity

Shipping and air freight

Tellus can organise all types of air freight and marine cargo from all destinations. Our agencies span the globe and are in many cases the foremost in their elds.

Warehousing and customs services

Tellus can manage your warehousing in Norway or at your preferred location abroad. Bonded warehousing and regular storage are both o ered.