Why partload shipments are overpriced

Did you know that partload shipments from US, Asia and Europe to the westcoast of Norway usually are overpriced

The extensive use of trucking to the westcoast of Norway is both a environmental and road safety hazard, and adds an extra expence that can be as much as half of your total cost. 

Roads in our part of the country are poorly maintained and are in many cases not suited for the amount of traffic they see every year. But the main problem with trucking is their solution to increased fees, more regulation and operating in a very competitive market.

They hire drivers from eastern europe and pay them under minimum wage, a lot of their trucks are not equipped to handle norwegian conditions and as a recent documentary revealed, a lot of these drivers are forced to live in the back of their trucks and dont adhere to resting hours. As a result they actually take lives on norwegian roads. 

 This is how some truck owners keep themselves competitive. In a previous article I pointed out that there is now political will in place to make the transporter of the goods responsible for their sub-contractors.

According to Innovasjon Norge, a governmental arm for innovation and development of enterprises and industry, short-sea and partload delivered by boat is a cleaner and cheaper for goods heading to west coast Norway than any other option. They state that “The traffic jams created by trucks are leading to poor quality of life, harms the environment and is destructive to Europe’s competitiveness in the long term”. In regards to innovation more and more ship owners are revealing plans for electric/hybrid/hydrogen autonomous ships

We at Tellus have taken this to our heart and have with our partners in US, Asia and Europe made a partload service by ship with direct delivery to Stavanger and Bergen. For fulloads we can pickup or deliver to any harbour along the norwegian coast. 

With the launch of this service we have seen a growing interest in “Last mile delivery” and have made unique solutions for some of our customers. One interesting case that we see is a common problem is the import of large volumes of goods that needs to be distributed to a large amount of clients.

Our solution for these cases vary based on delivery times and other facors but are in general terms this:

We arrange the import so that our client can still benefit from volume discount at their suppliers, split the shipment on its way to Norway, make all arrangements in regards to customs and send the shipments to the most adventageous harbours in Norway where the goods will be locally distributed. 

This saves expensive, unsafe trucking to and in Norway, the environment and helps make driving in Norway a bit safer.

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