About us


Tellus Logistics was founded in Stavanger in 2013 by specialists with long experience in logistics services. We are currently 8 in number, and returned sales of 33 million in 2016.

Development in our industry in recent years has mainly been towards major international groups acquiring smaller players, which has led to the focus shifting towards volume and sales rather than quality. We seek to travel in the opposite direction, to focus on the customer’s needs and personally supervise each and every shipment.

Much of the growth in recent years comes from a strong focus on multimodal and intermodal shipping methods. In 2017, we became a winner of the Gazelle best-business award.

Tellus is an independent freight forwarder who does We are free to choose a freight solution and charterer that best suits the customer

We have agents and partners in the country and can arrange specialized solutions for your needs.

Advantages of using Tellus Logistics

Costs that you can measure are costs you can control. By hiring a dedicated logistics specialist to manage shipments and clearances, your understanding of the real freight costs and service quality is enhanced. With the Tellus centralised model, you spend minimum time on logistics-related issues and instead focus on what you do best.

An unbroken logistics chain offers vendors, customs authorities, and your customers a single point of contact, with secure information flow between involved parties, combined with optimal freight handling.

Tellus is proud to quote for your assignment and draw up a budget for new projects. We can offer a cost estimate on short notice, and a comprehensive solution that is customised to your project location, lifecycle and scheduling. The Tellus model offers security and predictability if something untoward should happen. We have a broad range of partners worldwide and can quickly bring vendors and shipping firms together to avoid potential downtime in production.

In recent years, supply chain management has become an increasingly complex job, especially in our region, where costs and delivery dependability are always competing, and great nancial strength is often required by
rms to control all aspects of the supply chain.

Not only have complexities grown, but also dependence on a well-functioning chain of vendors, forwarding and shipping agents, end-customers, and all other large and small players.

With Tellus at the heart of these activities, your time is freed up. Simple lines of communication link all parties, and this in turn increases e ciency and cost control within the business.

Tellus can manage your customs paperwork, so that shipments are registered and reconciled against the project in question, including all documentation needs. The history is easily accessed and can be summarised in an end-of-project report for the auditor or internal scrutiny.

The report offers a specification of the service quality, shipping methods and any non-conformance. The contents can be tailored to the customer’s reporting requirements

Environment and social dumping

”The greatest challenge of the age and a responsibility for all those involved in cross-border trade routes and supply chains.” This sentiment is often expressed, but not all rms in Norway recognise the important role that logistics can play for environmental results. It is important to establish standards for your logistics partner.

By actively shipping goods on a multimodal platform and minimising road haulage by heavy goods vehicles, we are contributing to a cleaner climate. There are fewer accidents on challenging Norwegian roads and we avoid agents who charter
foreign lorry drivers at less than the minimum wage, to carry goods to,

from and around Norway.